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Where to get rivnuts

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go through the yellow pages for a decent fasteners place local to you.

I've bought varying sizes x1 and x10 quite happily at Suffolk Fasteners , they're really helpful and will probably sort you out if you don't find anywhere local.

Thanks, it looks like there's one not far from me so Ill go and investigate what they have.

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Yeah, they came through as nutserts when I fitted my side steps so I've been searching for them as well.

Ebay had a surprise, someone is selling an insert tool for 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm sizes for only £14.75 inc p+p

Didn't think that was too bad for an occasional use tool

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Where's that then Jim. Yeovil is on the way between here and family so I could tie in for some stock.

http://www.wentinfasteners.co.uk/ are the people. A real gem of a find- more nuts and bolts than you can shake a stick at and pretty good prices too.

on the pen mill trading estate which is sherborne side (not that yeovils a particularly big place of course!

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From experience there are aly rivnuts and steel rivnuts. Steel are lot stonger but you must have a much more heavy duty setting tool, they will destroy a cheap tool.

If you are really only using occasionally you can set aly rivnuts using a bolt, nut and washer.

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Thanks Landmannnn

I want some to put my mudflaps back on a new rear x member but they seem to be quite useful around the vehicle in general.

I might go down the route proposed by SimonR from X-eng where he drilled out the thread on a nut and coupled with a bolt to tighten the rivnuts in.

Now I just need to get some rivnuts to fit.

Does anyone know the required drilled hole for 6, 8 and 10mm rivnuts??


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