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Dash air vents

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Ive an 87 truck cab with the smaller air vents on the top of the dash, Im going to fit the newer td5 02+ style dash and noticed these have larger vents. Would these make any difference over the miserable demisting of the smaller type?

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You won't be able to use the larger vents unless you cut bigger vent holes in the top of your bulkhead and you'll need to make some new holes for the inserts that the vent self-tapping screws screw into. All rather more trouble than it's worth :(

Just use your original dash top panel.



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despite the rather limp output of my heater i've always found it demists very well. much better than modern cars even. i had thought about a heated screen when i got the car, but i've found it would not really be necessary. not sure why it demists so well and i'm not sure if all defenders do, but that is at least one good thing my ventilation system does. even if it doesn't do much to heat the cab.

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The previous owner of my 110 has gone to a lot of trouble to fabricate a new dash top rail that incorporates very large aluminium demister vents - almost the full width of the screen - but as they look awful and are not significantly more effective than the standard ones, I'm going to return it to standard. It's also got a heated screen, but that's not actually connected to anything :rolleyes:

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