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Rear Hub Mudshield


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My recently finished axle has now left me with a small doubt.

I aquired said axle from a K Plate RR Classic with ABS and upon stripping and rebuilding I left off fitting the ABS ring for obvious reasons (its a 1985 90)

The mudhield that fits on the hub was distorted to hell with the amount of rust that had built up between the stub axle and said shield.

So thinking nothing of it I left off the mudshield as I thought its primary job was to keep the c*ap out the ABS (no longer needed).

In hindsight I think I may need to fit new ones (something in its name is a giveaway I know) however the reason for not fitting was the way the inside of the shield had distorted with rust and think the mudshield was naturaly trapping carp and moisture rather than shielding.

Anyone care to advise (convince :D ) me otherwise?


G :)

PS Will provide piccies as proof for my Vapour Build once I figure out the photo bucket thingy..

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I can't see the point of these things. I had one rear and one front break and then threw the other two away. All they do is trap small stones into the disks. They are about as much use as the ring things fitted to the back of LR's until recently.

Although I don't have ABS ....

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