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Fitting 200TDi Air Filter


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Right, finally got hold of a better air filter, but need ideas on position.

Space is limited to say the least, so it has to go in the front left corner by the rad.

I may be able to mount it horizontally with a very short hose onto the carb like this (but lower and the hose would be the intake but pointing downwards obviously!)



Or the other (preferred) option is to mount it upright. This would be easier and neater but the intake would be at the bottom...



Obviously the wading depth couldn't be higher than the bottom of the intake, and the other problem I foresee is the air flow past the opening - would it have a detrimental effect on the intake having air rushing past when driving?

What about putting a short piece of pipe from the bottom facing backwards along the chassis rail/up to the footwell area?

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On a 200TdI Defender the air in [from grille on left wing] sits at the bottom with the engine feeding from the rear of the filter housing, so when wading the forward motion & bow wave from a depression under the engine to keep the filter clear & hence it shouldn't suck any water in.

pics of my 200Tdi 110's air intake system, they might help.




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