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Rear de-mister

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Hello again

Another beginner's question, hope you don't mind; The rear door/window de-mister doesn't work on our recently bought 90 (P); the fuse looks o.k though; where would the next obvious place to have a look for faults? It's becoming a pain as we've lots of reversing and trailer shenanigans.

Also, as I'm here;' what are these things bolted under each door in the pic below (bulgy barry-thing with some check-plate on top surface)? They were on it when we bought it, they don't do much as far as I can see and I'd be happier without (although I think my wife secretly likes them)



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The first thing you need to establish is where the power stops so check if there is power at the end of the wire where it connects to the rear window, check also the live terminal where your fuse fits in and at the back of the switch. Once you find out where power is missing you can then narrow down the likely problem.

One possible cause is failure of the voltage sensitive relay and if you find that this is the problem, there is a workaround for it here. These are expensive to replace and are the usual culprit when it comes to non working rear demist after the switch.

If you are not sure what you are doing, get a grown up to help ;)

The bars at the side are just steps to help you get in and out, they are also handy for stopping car doors hitting your bodywork in Sainsburys car park :)



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