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Tyres for Discovery 3


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After being told that one of my tyres cannot be repaired as there are two punctures within an inch of each other, I have a couple of questions.

1. Can I replace just one tyre without damaging the transmission? All present tyres have about 4mm tread left

2. If I replace all 4 tyres, what brand to go for? The present ones are Pirelli Zero, and don't seem to be wearing very well given the 16K miles covered.


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i put a set of camac terra tyres on my discovery 1 last january 205/16 ive covered approx 18k the fronts are showing signs of wear but the rears are still good i should change them round not the best tyres in the wet but ive no probs with them off road i paid 55 a piece and so far ive got no complaints just my pennies worth chris

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Was looking at the Goodyears ( £136) but it seems that some pppeople are raving about the general grabbers AT2 (£102) as well. I could put 4 on for the price of 2 Michellin, but are they any good? I guess that is the question.

Had Pirellis on my Disco 1 and they lasted forever - the trouble was they were made of bakelite and were cr*p in the wet! These are the opposite.

At the Mo it looks like a toss up between the Generals and the Goodyears. Don't feel like paying for the Michellins if they are going to be the same for wear.

I agree with the moon comparison. They are far more capable than the TD5 off road until they start to slide, and then you better have a large run off area!

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The AT2 is only available for the 18in rims I think, fine if that's what you have. They are certainly a much better tyre than any of the standard factory offerings though I am not sure how well they wear on a D3. I like the AT2s a lot and my new pickup will probably be getting a set of these in due course.

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Well after all that my local "back street knows what hes doing" tyre fitter got me Pirellis for £115 so I have gone with them again as he couldn't get the Goodyears.

If anyone is in the market for tyres I would recommend ( in the UK ) www.blackcircles.com for looking at price comparisons, and they will deliver to your nearest garage.

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