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4x4 Adventures new Advert


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Just got the latest copy of Total offroad and imagine my suprise to see Mr Gittins ugly mug staring back at me from a


For 4x4 Adventures.............

Looks the bee's Knee's :D


Ps: By God he is Ugly though :lol:


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:hysterical: Fame at last!!!! Think I must be the only person not to av seen a copy yet, I was on the phone to one of our suppliers this morning and even he mentioned he had seen it!

You better bring it along if you want me to sign it for you Jim (team B :hysterical:) !!!!!

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And Sporting a nice soup strainer I see Steve ,

Is this the new look now that Lindsay Mottram has gone ?

BTW , I got my Avatar from a bloke in Taunton , Up in the hills .

I think I like the look of the moustache that James so kindly added, I think your right Jase, That could well be the new look!

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