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TD4 02 Instruments Failure


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I am writing this on behalf of a pal who owns an 02 TD4. Recently he has changed the tank fuel pump. He disconnected the battery first and carried out the job himself. Now, after succesfully installing the pump, engine starts fine and drives good. However, there are no instruments in the binnacle working at all!!?

Tried locking the doors and giving time wait to see if, but still the same. Taken the ECU plugs off and refitted them exactly but still nothing??

any ideas?? Most appreciated


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I think the Td4 instrument pack communicates with everything else on a network like many modern vehicles. I guess it has lost the signal somewhere, may be time for a visit to somebody with a diagnostic computer. You could try disconnecting the battery and leaving it overnight but other than that I don't know. I think it is probably coincidence though, no reason why disconnecting the battery should do that!

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Blimey - one of the few then ! If it still wont come back to life then first off its a feeds and earth session with a multimeter,(assuming all fuses are OK) If this brings nothing then a Testbook session to see if you can force any outputs.Then its repair/replace the instrument pack.

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I've had something similar but it was due to a trapped section of wiring harness chaffing a load or wires but that was in the engine and it was the head lights that's wiring was trapped causing problems. are you shore you haven't trapped some wires around the fuel tank area.

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