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Steering Box Tie Bar Corrosion

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As part of the ground-up build of my 110, I am replacing anything that looks the slightest bit suspect... On examining the steering box tie bar (at least that's what the manual calls it), I noticed that the bolt-like projection has horrific corrosion near its base. :(

This is the offending item:


I cannot make myself refit such an obviously dodgy component, but it looks as though a new one would be a lot of money. The main body is a hefty forging, but the part that is suspect looks as though it might be screwed in. I cannot imagine that a design engineer would give himself all the grief of trying to make this in one piece. If I'm right, and can remove it, I'm hoping I should simply be able to fit a new high-tensile part in its place... Before I go attacking it with a torch, etc., can anyone here tell me whether it is a one-piece or a two-piece component?

Any help would be much appreciated! :)

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That's a forged part so it'll be one complete piece. LR part ANR2994, Common part across the whole Defender & Discovery 1 & Range Rover Classic range of vehicles.

My 2002 EPC says it was £27 + VAT.

Many thanks for the helpful info - I might just give in and buy a new one... :(

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