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Rock Crawling diary USA?

alan kemp

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I am planning a holiday in the USA and want to go see a major rock crawling competition. I have no idea when or where these are held nor which are spectator friendly. I am pretty much open on dates however I do have a few comps booked myself in the UK.

Any advice would be appreciated. Anyone from the UK going over?

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Having spent nearly 2 weeks in Moab I'd say this is the place to be... it was fantastic!! :D

The Solihull Society (Landy club based in Colorado) have a little get-together out there every year which seems to be very well attended, but may not be the extreme stuff I think you may be after.

Google Moab and you'll get a bucket load of info B)




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Plenty to see


We went to the SuperCrawl a few years ago and it was excellent. They seem to have replaced it with other events now


Think it was replaced with this - Ragnor Roberts from Iceland is going again and some of the guys from Norway -- there a bit about it here .


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King of the Hammers is on in February and would be worth a visit. There are a couple of Land Rovers taking part.

The 'Hammers' are in Johnson Valley, California north of Palm Springs. Awesome rock crawling country.

The Solihull Society National Rally takes place this year in Moab in September. They club run various trails from easy to hardcore. I've been a couple of times and always managed to hitch a ride with someone. Any weekend in Moab you'll find a bunch of 'wheelers if you hang around the traditional meeting spot at city market.

The Easter Jeep Safari (open to any type of 4x4) is the largest event in the Moab calendar so if you're looking at visiting, book your rooms tonight because they go fast. I've never been myself but from talking to lots of people in the US, the EJS is one of the those events people either love or hate. This is down to the sheer number of people and vehicles who attend either officially (as in pay the entry fee) or unofficially (as in try tag on the back of the organised trail runs for free). Think Glastonbury for gnarly wheelers!

Someone I know who moved to Moab specifically for the 4-wheeling makes a point of getting the hell out of town when the EJS takes place!! Each to their own I guess.

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