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Jumped out high range?

Les Henson

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I got a call today from an elederly guy who's 200 TDi 90 won't start. I went and had a look and it was just his battery gone flat. He happened to mention that he had only just got it back on Thursday from having the gearbox replaced. Being a bit nosy I had a look underneath - you can guess this - The gearbox hasn't been off in a month of Sundays. There is however a hand mark in the dirt on both props. Apart from that, thick dirt that's cakes everything almost conceals prop nuts, lower bell housing nuts, gearbox mounts, etc etc, that have clearly never been undone. Similarly, inside the cab, the floor and transmission tunnel bolts are corroded or covered in a thick layer of dirt. The owner says he went to pull away and there was a bit of a clunk and then no drive, apart from that, there has been no problems at all with the gearbox. Apparently his grand kids play in the vehicle and he takes them out sometimes. It seems likely that the transfer lever was knocked a bit and after a while it just disengaged. What a con!, I know we all hear of people getting ripped off like this, but it seems worse somehow when it's the elderly. Anyway, he calling the Police as I type this, if they can't help, they should be able to advise him what to do. He paid cash, no receipt either, poor guy. His wife was in tears when I told them they had been robbed. I asked him to keep me informed of what happens, hope he does and the person that did this gets what he deserves.


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One word >B******s

lost count of the number of times I crawled under a stairs to test an electrical circuit from a fuse/dis box to find something so simple (i.e. faulty kettle blowing fuse/ circuit breakers) It hasn't been right to charge for it

simply reset it and left them with a bill for £0.00, and a unusable kettle, that way I knew if the needed me again and it was going to cost money they wouldn't quibble...............



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Best revenge is to have a nice chat with the guys down at the IRS office - they LOVE it when they get a guy on tax fraud for working without reciepts. If the guy is smart he will record a conversation thus proving that the job was "done" and paid for in cash - once he has that he can "force" the garage to refund or face the music.


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What you need is my friend Gregory!!!!

He goes in explains the situation to the scumbags and waits for their faces to drop when they know they've been rumbled.

He then suggests a compromise can be worked out.

Five seconds later he smacks a geezer in the teeth with a crowbar. And it's a proper job as well.

He then looks at the other geezer who is about to wet himself.

Gregory says "I want the money now or you'll end up looking like Lucy on the floor there".

And yes he gets the money there and then.

And they deserve it. Ripping off a person by saying they've fitted a new gearbox when clearly they haven't

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