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Tyre speedo matching (Again?)

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Hi can someone tell me what will happen to the spedo reading on a 1993 Defender 200 TDi 90, which has had new wheels and tyres fitted- 265/65x16, will the reading be higher or lower. I have read various threads on various forums and it appears that every thread gives the opposite info to the last one, so I am a little confused(this seems to be a permanent state at present, must be part of the joys of 90 ownwership) , so any help will be much appreciated.

Hope Springs.

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If you fit bigger tyres than original the speedo will read slow - you're going further for each revolution of the wheel

If you fit smaller tyres than original the speedo will read fast - you're going less far for each revolution of the wheel

Obviously this is only with regard to overal diameter, width has no part to play and you could change both rim(16" to 15" say) and tyre size, causing more or less of a difference.

With regards to being 'correct', you really need to test the speedo against a GPS, My speedo reads more correctly on 255/85R16 than it did on the 205/80R16 it left the factory on.

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