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Yup, it was me in the passenger seat and my friend Jerry driving. SimonR was behind the camera swearing. The Landy had a roll hoop - examination after the event revealed that the welding was poor at best as some of them were barely stuck and had broken in the roll. It saved our lives though, we are in no doubt of that! There was a three point harness fitted in the passenger seat but it was set-up for Jerry's rather thinner girlfriend (now wife) and would not do up around me. I had it over my shoulders with my thumbs looped through and my fingers interlocked - it held together. :)

It is odd what goes through your mind as the car starts to roll. I remember asking Jerry about his insurance as we started our "decent". I also vividly remember, after the doors came off (about 1 roll), feeling the outside of the sill on my left ankle and thinking that it was going to be painful if I did not do something about it pronto. I did.

By the bottom my glasses had dissapeared and I had something in my eye. Jerry and I both walked away from the vehicle and, after I had had some windscreen removed from my eye by the medics (got a short ride in a RR ambulance!) Jerry was able to get the Landy straight enough to drive it home from the site.

We know we were lucky that day - I am always rather cautious these days if it looks like there may be a chance of rolling right over. After this event rolling the Landy onto it's side now holds no fear other than to my wallet.

Jerry went on to race in comp safaris, not sure if he was put off hills by the event. ;)


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