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HELP! Td5 wiring is keeping me from my travels!

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Hi guys! Have had the head down concentrating on the conversion, look what I done...

I'm in big trouble though, I've two loose wires coming out of the 10AS and the comprehensive reference photo's I took when dismantling just aren't comprehensive enough. I've arrowed the wires in the photo. The green one is going into a switch then coming back out but going nowhere. The purpose of the switch - I'm assuming - was as a basic immobiliser against theft.

The other wire, white, has been spliced onto a black wire (grouped with a red) which again I don't remember where it's supposed to go.

I've cut a Sigma M30 alarm out of the system so I probably wasn't paying enough attention when I did it. I'm wishing I'd just left it there now but I was afraid it'd give up on me somewhere in the middle of Europe and I'd be immobilised in the back of beyond.

Any help or suggestions appreciated!




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classic RR, more to the point what vehicle has that Td5 come out of ????

It's a Defender unit, at least I'm guessing it is. It had a Disco R380 and exhaust, Defender loom and rad and Disco airbox & ducting when I got it in a '92 Rangey :D

The loom is now a f*&ked up mutation of '73 and '92 Range Rover and Defender. The gearbox is now Defender R380 and I hope to find Defender turbo/intake ducting cause I wanna put a second battery in my second battery box...

It's all academic if I can't get the frickin' thing running though :(

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Yeah I'm screwed if I cant get it sorted. I doubt theres anyone in Ireland who'd know.

The white wire is actually white and green and the black wire originates as a purple and brown wire coming from both connectors on the 10AS, could this just be an earth?

It'd make sense to me in that I would have been cavalier enough about leaving it unterminated as an obvious earth.

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;) Have done already, he's a busy boy though and I'm worried I might not hear from him for a while. I probably need to relax a little about it, I've been these situations before though and just freaking out a little at the prospect of this turning into a saga... :unsure:

Green/White - should be an igntion feed, and also supplies a feed to the back up siren...

But the rest of the wiring looks none standard - should be a feed for the LED on the dash I think amoung other things.

When I next get chance (will be home again next) will double check as have a standard, un-messed with loom at home.

Other option is to send me your ECU and I'll remove the need for the 10AS unit.... which will mean a few changes to the wiring, but nothing major... but you will have no immobilser at all!!


P.s - Shackleton thank you for you pm's!!!

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