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Flashing 'P' and flashing crossed 'D'


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Yesterday I experienced central locking/alarm problems on my Discovery 2 year 2000 V8 petrol.

That issue resolved by itself and then a new problem appeared where the dash showed a flashing 'P' and flashing crossed 'D', when the key was in position 2 and also when the engine was started. The symbols were still present when I changed gears.

I could not see any information about the flashing and crossed 'D' in the handbook? Please advise.

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No idea offhand - if there is a gearbox fault you normally get the Sport and Manual mode lights flashing and the box defaults to 3rd gear for limp home mode. I just looked in the workshop manual and there is no mention of what you describe.

May be a problem with the switch back on the side of the gearbox as these do fail but I suggest plugging it into a diagnostic computer to see if the outputs from these make sense - it isn't cheap!

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