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Cooling System Problem on my 90

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Can anyone help? Ihave a Defender 90 which leaks water!!

I know they all leak water ha ha but this is from the cooling system.

After travelling about 20 miles I could smell that familiar smell of sweet antifreeze.

Upon opening the bonnet there was coolant splashed above the expansion cap vicinity.

After closer inspection I cant see any leaks or damaged hoses but it is still losing fluid.

Any ideas please?

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I'd guess at either the pressure release valve failing in the cap, or the system over pressurising and blowing out of the relief valve.

you could remove the cap (when the engine's cold) and then place you hand over the opening, and see if the cooling system is pressuring, which would point to head gasket problems etc.

Or, replace the cap and see if it happens again!!

I'd want to discount head problems though, if i were in your shoes.

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On the V8 there are 2 plastic plugs with an 'o' ring seal, one sits on top of the radiator, one sits on the air lock tube above the right hand cylinder head. The one on the air lock tube decided to split a few weeks ago spewing water all over the engine and made it difficult to know where the water was coming from.

Diesels probably have the same cheapo fittings, long gone the days of brass fittings on older Land Rovers!

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You havn't said wot sort of 90.

200tdi's had a slight head problem, i think on pot 4 which was caused by poor maintenence. If the fuel injectors weren't replaced every decade or so, or ran a long time with a poor spray pattern then the head gasket would start to go. Depending on how and where the gasket goes, depends on the symptoms you get. Pot to water gives problem you describe, pot to oil makes a mess, pot to pot give lumpy running.

Get your head pressure tested. Its a cheap garage job. If it is the head gasket, and you leave it, then it will cost you a new engine. :o

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