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polybush torque figures


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evening gents. did have a quick search but couldnt find a 'definitive' answer.

fitted polybushes to my radius arms tonight as the first step of replacing the bushes throughout the vehicle as theyre nigh on all shot all of a sudden.

anyway... when doing up eg the radius arm rear nut (chassis mount), do I follow the haynes torque value for rubber bushes (176Nm) or is there a lesser value for polyurethane? I dont particularly fancy crushing them accidentally if i can help it (did it to some deflex, they were like swiss cheese!)

and no, i dont particularly want this to be a metalastic vs poly debate thread. I personally had a negative opinion on the orange deflex ones i had because they all collapsed. these ones i have now are nearly all one piece, well priced and feel like quality throughout. plus i dont have a press so it was my only viable choice. Theyre well worth a try in my book, and thus i will. :)

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Agreed ...........very FT ............. in some cases a 3/4 breaker bar FT.............you have to be sure that the centre tube will not turn........... if it does, it sh@gs both the bush and the component in a very short timeframe................ I have mostly gone back to OEM rubber now..........



OEM here as well, indeed if anybody is replacing OEM part worn that are serviceable pm a cost - good used is good for me!

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Guest diesel_jim

VFT and if possible FT-LABOW Setting *

As the others, been there tried them binned them, look for a post with pics of mine less than a year old :(

OEM for me, and VFT-LABOW setting on them too


* (VFT - Lose A Bit Of Wee )

You're supposed to use your hands, not yer willy!! :rolleyes:

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