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How to swap CV joint?

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I've been studying those threads thanks - but no specifcally swapping over the CVs - you say its a press on job you did in the workshop -is this a DIY job with a vice / hammers or a pro job needing a hydraulic press?

My CVs don't click but I need new swivels & bearings etc so tempted to do the lot once & for all - don't want to get stuck halfway through when I find I can;t swap the CVs!


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I sat the CV through the workmate and tapped the halfshaft in with a lump hammer and a block of wood over the end of the shaft.

'Press fit' is probably the wrong phrase, 'interference fit' is probably better.

Yes, good idea to change the CVs if you're doing the swivels anyway.

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You have to compress the circlip on the end of the shaft so that it will fit in the CV. This is done by standing the shaft on a firm surface (not directly on concrete but on a piece of wood or similar) and striking the end of the CV joint with a copper hammer so that the circlip is compressed by the taper on the female splines and the shaft driven into the CV. In order to remove a CV from a shaft you hold the shaft in a vice and, while holding tight to the CV, strike the bell with a copper hammer - this is easiest done pointing down or sideways. This compresses the circlip and the CV separates from the shaft. Do not be tempted to use a regular steel hammer - although a piece of (hard) wood in between would suffice if you have enough hands - as use of a hard hammer may damage the splines, especially if your aim were not spot on!


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Ok thanks all. Sounds pretty straightforward with a vice and a little care

Yep, tis straight forward.

I placed the half shaft in a workmate type table to hold the shaft, and a piece of wood and hammer to drift it off the shaft, as per above.

Make sure you've the right CV. Took my muppet supplier 3 goes to get the right one :angry:

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