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Transmission backlash

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First of all, you could do with a workshop manual - if you don't have one, you can download the 'borrowed' copy that I have - I have uploaded it to my website for you:

My website - you need book 3, section 51.

Basically, you would take out the half shafts and remove the diff. At that point you can work out exactly where the slack is coming from. My best guess would be that if you were to hold the pinion, where the propshaft bolts on to, there would be lots of rotational movement of the diff crownwheel. There should be some (0.1-0.17mm) you would need to measure this with a dti. If there is too much, it can be nipped up quite easily by removing the locking fingers and turning the end cap until the dti is correct. Whilst you are at it, you should make sure that the run out (the amount that the crownwheel is out of true) is less than 0.1mm - again using the dti. If it is, there could have been burrs or dirt on the mating face when it was put together. If this is the case, the crownwheel assembly needs pulling out and sorting out - not a big deal, just a bit of a pain. If you were to put your location into your profile, people near you might be able to offer assistance.



alright? does anyone know how or where i can find a diagram and explanation about how to take the slack out of the dfifferentials onn a 300tdi 24 spline 90?


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