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Driving home last night in my 93 3.9 auto RR I noticed that it was growling and vibrating between 45 and 55mph, It was worse on overrun and was consistent with road speed rather than engine speed.

The vibration was not harsh but could definately be felt through the foot rest and throttle pedal. After a quick check around I couldn't see anything obvious so drove home (about 20miles)

The problem got a lot better as the car warmed up and by the time I had got off the m40 and onto the back roads it had all but gone. I did notice that at the end of my journey there was a noise like something touching a prop (but nothing was touching the props) that occured occationally but mainly on over run. I had a look underneath but couldn't see anything wrong it was cold and dark so I gave up. This morning the grumble is back and seems to be vibrating harder, it is no louder with the windows open but then there is sooo much road noise that it would have to be pretty loud to hear it.

I took the car home and used the Stag for work today.

Tonight I plan to check the viscous diff is working as it should, last night I jackup up the front end and was dissapointed to feel the slightest play in the top swivel pin (these were replaced last July) is this normal.

Other than wheel bearings what else could be causing this?

do I test front wheel bearing by driving on a full lock and listening for nasty noises?

I am hoping that flex plate issues would be consistent with engine speed and would go away if gearbox is in neutral (or do I have to kick the transfer box into neutral?!)

Ta for reading


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Might just be me, but from the time I first noteced the symtoms whilst greenlaing to checking in a car park there was enough wear in the UJ (front of transphere UJ is usually the one to go) that I could just grab the propshaft and shake it, its was that obvious.

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Many thanks chaps, it was indeed the propshafts.

I had a second set in the garage which came of my last RR which I scrapped but that had recent UJ's fitted.

The front prop had slight play in one UJ but more than enough to cause the vibration. The back prop had one uj semi seized i.e. it would swivel in one direction but was totally solid in the other.

Problem fixed in one hour under the car :P

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