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200tdi injector pump hub


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Hi, I bought a 200tdi injector pump off ebay, and unfortuately it came without the hub, pulley and retainer. :( Its a nightmare trying to find one, anyone knows the part no for the hub etc, I'm not even sure of what exactly goes on the drive shaft! <_<


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Thanks for your replies... I've sourced the pump sprocket... What remains are the pump hub and retainers, hopefully I should be getting these shortly as there's no part no. for the hub, so i had to rely on photos marking the parts needed. Hope that in the end I'll recieve the right parts!

I dont know why some ppl sell them without that hub!

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an update at last! Took the pump at a diesel specilalist to test it and see if it works ok... he said that the hub shouldnt be a problem bec its interchangable with ford models, but it needs to be correctly set on the shaft, the keyway is not used. While at it told him to open the pump up check the internals and re kit it... total cost is 70Eur... if he finds nothing broken!!

Gave him the injectors as well to test and clean them

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well labour cost here is still lowish compared to the uk... but to buy something like a second hand pump will cost you something like 300Eur, or a 200tdi at 1600Eur...

but £120 for servicing a pump is a bit excessive Imo, I bought the pump for £30 off ebay, thats what I call a deal...that is if the guy tells me its ok when I go to pick it up next wednesday!!

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