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location of diagnostic (obd) socket

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shaune    0

Hi can anyone tell me where the diagnostic socket is located on a 4.6 1998 range rover. i am trying to recover the fault codes in conjunction with the message eas fault

thank you

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Jon White    14

Would a 1998 model use OBD? Isnt it too old for this standard???

IIRC OBD would not cover EAS either. This is a separate ECU, with a separate diagnostic plug and requires the use of Rovacom or similar to diagnose it.

i could tell you where they are on a classic, but I've no idea on a P38. ON a classic they're under the front seats.....


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Assuming it's a UK spec RHD 38A, finding the Diagnostic socket involves you putting your body in a pose that some will view as highly symbolic, given that it's a Land Rover, and a 38A.

Open the front LH door, kneel on the ground, and put your head in front of the seat, look forwards and upwards, just forward of where the glovebox lid hinges. The socket is in the almost horizontal plastic trim.

These sockets exist on all 38As, from late 94 onwards.

Jon is correct in saying the EAS is not part of the statutary output, covered by European On Board Diagnostics.

It is unlikely that any generic code reader will give you any EAS output, but if you have one already, I wouldn't expect any harm to result from plugging it in.

As this is the first time, as well as something to kneel on, take a torch, and polish your glasses or eyeballs. It is not unknown for the pins on the socket, or the wiring, to be corroded. Clearly, you want fault readings off the ECUs, not no fault readings due to poor contact.


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