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eas fault


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i am getting a error message, eas fault and all the height indicater lights are permanetly on. the vehicle is a 1998 p38 range rover .does anyone know what the cause may be

thank you

Had this on mine - first I had the testbook reset the ECU height adjuster as the fron right valve was stuck open. This removed the bells and whistles and lights. However, vehicle was slow to raise to normal height. also loste height over a stand still with engine not running Changed the air bags which were perished and because I had accepted the error of slow to charge, I needed a new pump. You can buy these factory reconditioned with 12 months warranty. Got mine on Ebay. Since seen them cheaper. Go for the testbook diagnosis

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Get the compressor from Paddocks. New £160ish.

Then you can keep th eold compressor and rebuild it with a kit from Rover Renovations,

and you have a spare compressor.

Get the springs from Arnott Industries. Excellent service and lifetime guarantee.

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To get a fresh start, you could order a set of airbags and rebuild kit from Rover Renovations, not to expensive and very complete.

Altenatively, try to figure out where the leak is.

To test the bags, leave the car parked for some time with the tailgate open, so the auto-levelling is disabled.

If it drops front or rear, you have only one end to check and replace.

Further leaks can be detected by spraying the bags and all airline connections with soapy water and watch for bubbles.

The 'valve stuck open' error is a common one and is often the result of another problem or a tired system.


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