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Hi all

Is there any way at all that the twin exit exhaust on later v8 p38's will fit the earlier model with the single exit or can it be modified to fit.

cheers :rolleyes:

It is possible, I did it on my '95 4.6. When the old exhaust failed, I decided to replace it with a twin sports system, designed for later models.

But it does involve some tinkering.

The centre muffler is no problem, and the RHS fitted perfectly. For the LHS you obviously need extra support brackets (which requires trimming the left wheelliner) and have to cut a piece out of your bumper. The T-piece joing both rear mufflers to the centre one is a problem though. It interferes with the brakelines and their bracket. On later P38a's the brake and ABS lines go forward from each will and join each other ahead and above the axle. On the old one, the brakelines join on top of the diff, right where the T-piece is supposed to come.

I solved this by moving the lines to the rear, behind the panhard rod and fixing them to a longer bracket to keep them away from the exhaust.

The result works, looks and sounds great, I'm very happy with it.



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