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Unlucky or a bit of a plonker

Les Henson

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Some of you have met my sister and her hubby - Dave.

Well for the last couple of weeks he's been attempting to fix his engine.

You can't make this up, but here it is.

He took the sump and head off to replace the rings and big-end shells

Did the job, put it all back together and then realised he may have put some of the rings on the wrong way up.

Took the head and sump off, put the rings on the right way up, and re-assempbled the engine.

Filled it with coolant which trickled out from under the manifold - not the core plugs.

Head gasket is on the wrong way round

Head back off - 3rd new gasket fitted and head replaced.

Engine is very stiff to turn.

Sump off and big end cap no's 1 and 4 have been accidentally swapped.

Re-fitted and crank turns fine.

Engine starts quite easily, a little roughly, but smooths out and runs well.

After a short while a rattle developes.

He suspects that he might have not tightened the big-end cap bolts enough.

Sump off and checks reveal all is ok.

Sump back on.

Wonders about tappets, so checks them and No6 was too loose.

Checked and adjusted tappets and now the engine runs fine!

Poor bloke, through all of this he kept smiling and joking about it. I would have set fire to the damn thing!

Fair play and worth a round of applause!

Les :D

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