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V8 help/advice required


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Hello people with the wrong engine! i come in peace to gain knowledge of your inferior wonderful engine :rolleyes:

I have a freind who has bought a hybrid with one of these fangled 'vee eight' engines (wires everywhere i tell thee :ph34r:) has asked me to get it running for him, i have done the basics, plugs, condenser and points, and it does run although it does seem to have a slight 'missfire' (whatever one of them is), its a 3.5 on su's and doesnt have a fuel pump on it so i need to sort one out, umm i know sweet FA about what is required so can anyone enlighten me? its not runing a standard tank so we need a bulkhead mounted one. Cheaper costs would be nice however if fuel pumps are the type of thing you only buy new then so be it (hey its not my money :lol:).

Also there are a lot of pipes coming out of the carbs and what not, does anyone have piccys of the carbs and what the afore mentioned pipes/tubes/outlets do as this would help greatly.

I think thats the main things for now, no doubt there will be more ;)

Cheers, Will.

dissapers in a cloud of soot...... :P

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Unless it's a very early lump with a mechanical fuel pump you'll need to sort that first. A Facet fuel pump should set you back about £40-50 new or maybe £10 removed from an old V8 carbed RR/Disco/110/109.

Once you have some proper fuel supply then you can see what's what.

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cheers fridge, where is the best place to get a pump from? I presume its a low pressure one i need?

New rotor arm and cap may be on the list, although it doesnt seem too bad right now, i'm more worried about the carbs thasn anything.

Cheers, Will.

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Hi, you dont need a pump as it would not run at all if it did not have one,

if its got a miss could be a myriad of things, I suggest new plugs, leeds,dizzy cap and rotor arm (genuine) to start, as you need to have known quantities to narrow it down.

Its unlikely that the su carbs would cause it to misfire, unless its very weak, you will need to get to running temp before coming to any conclusions. If you are a disel person, a V8 is probably not the best to learn on HTSH :D

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