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Steering Box Change, I have a problem....

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Hi all,

Ok, i'm planning to change the steering box in my 1986 90 (it's worn + leaking). I have just bought a re-conditioned replacment but I need some advice. The recon box doesnt have a drop arm with it so i'm going to have to put the drop arm from the old box onto the recon one. Question is how do I line up the drop arm from the old box onto the new one correctly? Good old Haynes manual says if removing the drop arm to simply mark the box and arm and line them up on re-fitting, I obviously wont be able to do this. Any help would be great!



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fit the new box & connect it up start the engine, turn steering to full right lock, then back exactly 2 full turns of the steering wheel, that should centralise the steering box, then fit your existing drop arm & reconnect the rod to it.

from the workshop manual.

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Fit the power steering box before fitting the drop arm. Move it from lock to lock and count the number of steering wheel turns. Then count back to the midpoint.

Assuming you parked the car with the steering wheels central. Fit the drop arm facing directly forward and then re-connect up the steering control arm.

The steering wheel may need removing and re-centralising after all is done.

Remember to bleed off the top of the PAS box after a few turns from lock to lock once all plumbed back in and engine running.


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..as above, it will only go on in one of four positions. And if the steering wheel doesn't point in the right direction remove and re-align the steering wheel, it's a lot easier than re-aligning the drop arm (so long as you've got a steering wheel puller, that is) ;)

Good luck getting the old drop arm off, by the way! If it won't budge smack it on the SIDE with a large lump hammer against a solid surface first.

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If you use the drag link to move the steering wheel more than a tiny amount you are risking altering the amount the steering will turn in one direction. Turning the drag link will push or pull the drop arm in one direction or the other and it will then be off centre when the steering wheel is in the straight ahead position. The result of this would be that the steering wheel will turn more in one direction than the other. The drag link shoulld be pointing straight forward when the wheels are pointing straight forward.


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