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rim size

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I have some 7x16 modulars and next thursday they are going away to have external beadlocks on as well. This increases the rim width from 7" to 8.5" or there abouts. I will be running 35/12.5r16 maxxis cc. What tyres are you planning on running, some tyres are generous in their sizes and others aren't. A 10" rim with a beadlock is very wide ~11.5".

Devon4x4 do the 10" wide modular for about £45. My rims were just £34 as they are much narrower, but with the beadlocks they work out as the right size.

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A 3.75" back spacing should be ok for that size of tyre.

Depends what your intending to do with your tyres but something to think about if using single bead locks & airing down your tyres is a 7" steel disco rim has a very deep inside lip which means you've got to push the inside bead of the tyre about 4" before it drops into the wheel well. This makes them ideal for making single bead locks as it gives some protection to the inside bead & makes the rim 8" wide when the bead lock is welded to the outside. You will still need to use wheel spacers to get the correct offset but the rims are available very cheaply second hand on a well known auction site.

Obvioulsy not quite as good as double bead locks but as we can't all afford to import them from stazworks this is a very viable option worth considering.

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