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Me springs are sprung


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...or the grass is riz, one or the other.

Since I dropped the engine and box in about 10 days ago the slight sag the Rangey had on the drivers side before the conversion, has turned into nearly a 2" difference in the gap between the bump stops and axles N/S to O/S! This is caused by tired springs right?

Fine says I, sure I'll pull the springs from the '92 donor, they might be a bit stiffer but they'll hold her up. Yeah except the '92 has anti roll bars which I'm guessing impede axle travel and so the springs are probably 2" shorter then my '73 ones. I'm going by eye :D

I begrudgingly have to buy new springs. Is there a way of identifying for sure that my unreliable vendor gives me the right springs. He'll swear blind they're the ones but if I get back to the car and waste a morning figuring out they're wrong I promise I'll kill.


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Anti roll bars shouldn't impact on springs, well, other than to allow softer springs to be used and maintain some road handling.

What engine is in the RR? If it is un-mollested then you should be able to get part numbers from the tech archive.

Good luck.

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Td5, and as far as I know it's on standard springs, but then I was wondering about it before... will check the tech (I did a rhyme)

Fella is that the Halpenny bridge on your avatar?

EDIT: Ok so after some further investigation I have to admit I hadn't carefully considered the importance of engine weight. But thats cause I thought I'd read the Td5 is about 170kg and thats what I thought the V8 weighed. I've just found this :


Interesting methinks, but of course has no weight for the Td5. Anyone know?

EDIT : Aw carp - this http://forums.lr4x4.com/lofiversion/index.php/t12486.html says the td5 is 275kg! is that right???

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Fella is that the Halpenny bridge on your avatar?

Yup - did the restoration job on it back in 2001 when I was based in Dublin. :)

Of course, as an Englishman I like to refer to it by it's official name - Wellington's Bridge! :D :D (Except when the wife is in earshot... :wacko::ph34r: )

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Anyhow, back on topic - you sorted your springs yet :D

I think it'll get sorted one way or another in the next few days... Nige kinda tempted fate there in the International Forum by saying it was easy :) So we'll see if he can rise to the challange, aye Nige? :D And I've a fella here who's got some springs he reckons are the job but they're unidentified and I'll have to go get them, fit them and see how the look / feel.

In the mean time I'm kinda dodging between making the fuel filler talk to the tank and finding somewhere to stuff the fuel filter. The few inches the rear facing shock of the early chassis takes up means major head scratching pour moi.

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