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two steering dampers

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Hi all , was under my 110 csw today and noticed that it had two steering dampers on it one in front of the axle and one behind after a quick search of the forum i couldn't find any reference to it having two on . is this correct or are there any reason for it to have two , or to hide something else wrong with it ?. Any help appreciated .

Thanks Iain

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Sounds like somebody has changed the front axle at some time and has fitted a RRC/D1 unit complete with track rod and damper leaving the original damper on the drag link. If so removing the damper on the track rod for off roading purposes can result in steering shimmy. Been there, seen it, done it on a 109" with RRC axles as there is no damping effort in the taper roller bearings of the RRC/D1 axle compared to the railco bush/pin top bearing of a series/90/110.

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