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Rust in footwells

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depends how bad it is...

is there enough good metal to bolt the chequer plate to?

i dont know where im going with this....

pretty much, just cover it in oil and stick some bits of metal to it :D

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did mine recently, removed the floor plates & tunnel, cut out the bad stuff under the pedals & similar place on left side, then made up some repair plates with 2mm steel sheet, must get the floor plates & their seals sorted out & fitted correctly, loads of under seal & paint covering the new steel, should be good for another 14 years.

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It's not unusual for 90/110's to rot away there. The pad of foam that sits between the bulkhead outrigger helps things along, and the double skin is a dirt trap too.

The lower part of the footwell can be repaired without any major work though - just cut it out and weld a new plate in (single skin, but thicker metal to compensate for that)





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Thought i'd chuck in my 2 bits:

Been going out to the truck in the mornings for the last few (wet) weeks and finding a puddle in the passenger footwell. Thought it was the door seals - and it was...to an extent!

After sorting those, and replacing perished sealant elsewhere, I still had a puddle.

Turns out that the bonnet gutter seal was 3 inches shorter than it needed to be, and rain water was dripping off the gutter into the engine bay on both sides - but on the passenger side it pooled up around the heater mounting brackets and after a while had simply rotted a way into the footwell.

Might be a help to someone!

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Get a wire brush in a grinder on it, that will find what good metal's left...

Before - just an ickle hole, surely?


After - full extent revealed:


Cut out the rubbish and weld in a good bit, or if you really can't stretch to welding, riveting in a panel (with a liberal application of seam sealer) would also work although it may look a bit naff. It's a flat bit so not too complex to make a new bit, although genuine footwell repair panels are cheap enough from Paddocks et al.

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