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New car radio

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If it was my choice I's snap up the Kenwood one all day long. They're a good make, and at under £80 it's really good value. Ripspeed is Halfords own badge (I'm fairly sure anyway). I don't know who makes the gear, and I don't know how good it is, but for stuff like that I generally prefer a brand name to a couple of extra flashing LED's.

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There a difference between the two.

The Rapeseed ... sorry ... the Ripoff .... jeez .... the Ripspeed has SD card slot and USB and Kenwood doesn't.

I'd go the Kenwood way. This series has a good radio receiver (better than other known brands) and reliable CD mechanism. It's more appropriate for using in a LR.

Why don't you get it at half that price HERE or some other places ?

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I'd go for the Kenwood one too, simply because they also manufacture amatuer radio transcievers for VHF/UHF/HF bands & that's definitly good kit.

They make all sorts of things. A lot of kitchen stuff (kettle toaster blenders etc). But they do make high standard stereos too. For home stereos it's comparable to Technics and the like.

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Quote from someone on another forum, claiming to work for Halfords...

Right, just to let you know that nearly all of the CMR 2000's that we sold don't work properly, especially the USB and memory card, take it back and get something better, honestly.

Sounds like the Kenwood is definitely the way to go! :lol:

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