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as request

Exmoor Beast

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Want a push? ;)

you jest MOG, had it a couple of weeks and its broke already, slave cylinder just arrived by courier, strangely the clever computer hasn't picked up that the clutch stopped working but did know when the drving lamp bulb went, odd...

Not looking forward to doing the slave cylinder in the cold tomorrow morning :(

Nice car though...

Will :)

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those wheels are plenty Bling enough for Exmoor Steve!

If I fitted 22" Chrome ones I would be thrown off the moor and rightly so...

The RR may not be Red, but the 110 is much much redder now, well the rear corner panels are as is the o/s rear van side panel and the o/s front wing top ;) its getting there slowly...

Will :)

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You need some blinging wheels for the real drug dealer look!! ;);)


This one must have been using most of his own stock to park so close I had to bend both door mirrors back to get at the Defender door, before anybody comments, I am on the line because of the white van abandoned in the next slot, there was absolutely nothing on the other side of this guy :angry: It's a tarted up DSE not that it has any bearing on my rant.

:) Sorry Will, very nice tidy & purposeful, can I have a free pie now :D

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