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that's right, nuts

more specifically those useful ones that hold the round turny bits on your vehicle

need some for steel wheels because i only have the ones for my alloys and as we all know, theyre not suitable for steels

but there are two types i see.




galvy what look like deeper ones that are fully enclosed or capped

second ones are 2x the price of the normal ones. which when i want 20-23 of either makes a difference. but are the 2nd ones particularly superior. i see them on a lot of trucks. i suppose they protect the end of the stud thread from corrosion? are they any easier to actually work with or just look nicer?

discuss :)

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The top one is the later 27mm or 1 1/16" AF nuts. These will fit. From the picture, the bottom one could be either the older S1 or S2/2a type, 24mm/15/16" AF nuts OR they could be later "capped" nuts as described. Assuming the later, they look nicer but clearly cost more. IMHO beauty is in the eye of the billpayer.


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