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Brake disks


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Cheers Jamie.

Will try your lead out at the weekend and get it back to you. Hopefully it'll prove that my lead is duff. Fingers crossed. Otherwise it's a bit out of my league :(

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Just had a long chat with someone who has more knowledge than me about this. He mentioned something about the stub axle being different. So what looked like an easy job now might be a little trickier.

So to that end does anyone know of companys' that refurb calipers cheaply. And stainless pistons. My calipers are in a poor state and have a couple of siezed pistons.

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I'm quite happy to rebuild but it's the actual state of the caliper itself. Needs shotblasting and then treating so the price then grows. Probably just as cheap to get recon calipers. Plus to try and organise all this work will take time and a lot of running around. And where I am there isn't a lot of that type of small companys that do that work that I've found

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