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Help I can't get my passenger out!


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Hi the rear O/S door has seized shut. :angry: The lock pin refuses to pull up and the only way I know how to get inside is when the door is open. Is there a way off unlocking a closed door i.e. is there a way of removing the dor card with out breaking it off. Or even another way around. :(

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I had similar problems before with my passenger rear door. This is a late '89 RR so assuming your's is the same sort of age:

To take off the door card:

Unscrew 2 screws in the pull handle - usually stuck fast under the plastic covers

Unscrew cover underneath pull open intertior handle.

Carefully push the locking button surround updwards and it should pop out. Then you can remove the door card (remember to detach the electric window wiring).

Now you should be able to get at all the rods and levers for the lock. Give them a spray of WD40 to loosen them up a little. Check that you dont have any broken/fallen off linkage between door handles and mechanisms. To adjust the lock mechanism detach the rod attached to the exterior door handle (short one) and turn it clockwise to shorten/anti to lenghten and trial and error if it will open from the outside or not. Try and get the handle to be 3/4 of the way out when the door opens. This will give you some leeway if things move again before your at full travel.

Hope ths helps


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Thanks Miffy2a thats excellent I will get it done tonight, so long as the weather allows. Pitty though as i was about to reach for the big grinder :rolleyes: oh well it can wait....

Just be careful when pulling the rods out as some have weak plastic elbows on that snap very easily. (Dont ask!)

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