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90 Prop Shafts

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Also rememebr to check the ones supplied are 35 degrees offset. (i.e. make sure they are not supplied with the two ends lined up...)

Dave Ashcroft passed the comment on to me last week as the alignment, if straight in line, can cause a level of vibration.

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Are you talking about the the offset on the prop. I.E. the one end of the prop is offset againt the other, or the rear prop is offset against the front prop? :ph34r:

It means on a single prop.

On the rear prop, you'll see that the gearbox and diff flanges are parallel (vertical) so the UJs must be in line.

On the front prop, the flanges are not parallel, so to compensate, the UJs are run out of phase to cancel the vibration caused by the flanges not being parallel.

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