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Rough guess at weight of a 200 tdi ?

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Wow - learn somethign new every day!!!! I never knew about the HS :)

Phil - does your leaflet comment on what state the engine is in for that weight? Is it the complete crate that would arrive for the conversion, or a fully dressed, wet engine? Any chance of a scan?

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Dragging this one up from the past. Does anyone know the weight of a 2.5TD?

Just put the 200TDi in my 90 and she's low at the front so I am guessing the engine is heavier? Engine / box (auto) combo is also further forward than the TD so that wont help either...

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i'd imagine the TD and TDi weigh similar amounts.

The block design is pretty similar and they both have cast iron cylinder heads and turbochargers

perhaps the engine being moved further forward has altered the weight distribution and put more weight over the front axle?

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No, but to give you an idea, my Audi V8 is 210kgs.

I dont believe a TDI can be anywhere near 270kgs. A basic petrol I4 car engines with iron block and alloy head would come in around 150kgs, diesels and turbocharged engines will tend to be heavier. I've personally weighed a Vauxhall 2.0 16v motor, which came in at 195kgs fully dressed with oil and transmission. The tranny is about 35kgs on its own, so the engine was approx 160kgs, and that includes the exhaust manifold and downpipe etc too.

I suspect the 270kg figure above must be including the shipping crate or something.

The TDV8 engine probably has an iron block so i'd expect it to be a little heavier than my Audi motor, perhaps 250kg?

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