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Autobox with Compushift


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I saw this on their website and it does look very sexy particularly as it allows you to pull away in any gear - the major hate with the hydraulic valve body box I've got is that you can't do this which is very annoying when trying to make a hillclimb with little run up as you find its changing gear from 1st to 2nd just as you hit the bottom of the hill!

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From the photos, the Compushift case looks rugged and is factory sealed.

Plenty of folk are running a fuel injection/ignition ECU on competition vehicles so no different with a transmission controller as long as wiring is done reliably.

Compushift Manual is here: http://www.compushift.com/files/manuals/compushift.pdf

Dave/Ian Ashcroft: If you're reading this, would you be able to give an idea of pricing?

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This was the system that was in one of the comics recently wasnt it? Not supprisingly they didnt put prices on there either, but id sure like to know, its my last chance to swap the D-Lander for auto before i go too far!!

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