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90/110 Rear Tub As A Trailer


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For a few years now I have this idea:

I’d like to turn the rear tub of a 90 (or 110) into a trailer. Now I know this isn’t new and in fact I’ve seen a few at some of the LR-shows. Painted in the car’s colour it just looks great I think !

The one thing I’m not sure about is that chunky chassis.

It’s very solid of course but the trailers I have seen so far all had the towing beams welded straight on to the cut-of chassis and made it all look a bit…lumpy and “unfinishedâ€

Has anyone ever done this conversion before ?

How difficult is it and are there any good alternatives for the trailers chassis and axle ?

Would like to hear your idea’s, thought’s etc. etc. !



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I did such a thing, to go with my series. Only miss is the slightly thinner tires (255x85x16 and serious has 35x12,5x15) Still have to finish the front of the trailer (plate or something) but painting already took a year so probably won't be soon ;)









Cheers Bowy

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Hi Bowy,

Your trailer is exactly what I have in mind, want to sell ???

From what I see in the pictures, you're pretty good in welding !

I might just give you a call/email in the near future to hear all about that project.



PS did you make good use for the Discovery rim you bought from me earlier this year....?

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As you can see, your rim has been used for the trailer ;)

You can take a look at my website for mor modifications builded by me www. Serious IIa


Haven't used the cables. Even cut those hubs of, becacuse the landrover hubs size was different and I wanted to use landrover rims. So welden on a set of stub axles from a series.

Cheers Bowy

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  • 3 years later...

What about using a 110 High Cap and rear chassis.

Cut the main chassis rails under the seats, bend then together to form an a-frame, rear axle can be used in place as suspension linkage would still hold. Then use a sankey hitch to link up the brakes.

It is an idea I want to try some time, just need the money and space.

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You would need to check the legality of the braking system. Braked trailers have to have a proper automatic reversing brake and I don't think car (Land Rover) type brakes would be allowed.

It would be easier to replace the axle with a proper braked trailer axle, either with its own Indespension type suspension or a beam axle on the Land Rover suspension.

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I think the HiCap tub is a good looking trailer. I was tempted to do that and bought a Sankey as a chassis for it but it was going to be too short, too high and too heavy for my needs.

I finally built my trailer from a 109 roof and a 88 roof. I used a caravan suspension, coil sprung trailing arms, and built a chassis from 50mm x 2.5mm box. The side panels are 3mm aluminium sheet, the rear doors are plywood for now and the floor is T&G floor boards.



Notice the wider arch on the rear of the roof. Several gouges out of my back and shoulders forced me to make that modification.

I am well on the way with my second trailer, built on the same suspension but with an extending drawbar so it goes from 8 foot loadbed to 15 foot. The body is made from two folding plastic pallet crates at 1000mm x 1200mm each. Gives me flexibilty of flat bed, two segregated boxes, one large box, extending pole trailer for long logs and a self loading crane at the hitch end of the drawbar.

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