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101 body on RRC chassis


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Ok here's my potentially very bad idea:

With RRC and 101 FC being about the same wheelbase, I started wondering if I could fit (with a lot of fettling and some mods to the steering arrangement) a 101 body to an RRC chassis and running gear. :blink:

Has anyone ever done this before? Is it a really bad idea? :lol:

101 owners, could anyone give me the nose to tail and side to side body dimensions of their 101 GS.



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Someone did this many years ago. It was featured in a magazine as a pair of coil sprung 101's. I think one was all RR underneath while the other was RR axles and coils on the 101 chassis. One of the giveaways, apart from the coils, from conventional 101's were the 5 stud wheels. I can't remember when that was though.

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Not sure I'd put RR axles under a 101, one of the endearing features of them is the front & rear salisbury axles. A coil chassis isn't a bad idea but I'm not sure how much you'd gain for all the effort.

What would be your reason(s) for doing this? That may help people tell you how feasible it is.

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Thanks chaps,

My thought behind it was I've always lilked the 101s but for any long distance jorney they're less than ideal. With rust bitten rangies being so easy to find, I thought why not an Auto, 3.9 on rangie running gear. A sort of baby 101 underneath but full size on top. Long term I'd go for an ambi body and camper it.

Could 101 axles be fitted to rangie chassis & coils reasonably easily? Would the man from VOSA want to know all about it? :o

This is definately not something I'm going to be attempting anytime soon (maybe ever!) but just wondered for now. :huh:



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You can fit anything to anything :D the issues I see are:

1) It'd still be a 101, so even with coils it's not going to be a luxurious place to live for long distances.

2) V8 and Autobox would work but you'd need to source a 1:1 LT230 to retain the gearing.

3) Depending what you swap where the man from VOSA may wish to be informed and may even want to inspect it.

4) It's a lot of work for potentially not much gain, see 1)

You can bolt a 3.9 EFi in the place occupied by the old 3.5 which would seem less effort. Changing the springs I doubt will make a massive difference by the time you've stuck in some coils that are rated for the correct load.

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Would it not just be easier to convert a 101 to coils and power steering, and fit a 5speed and more modern engine.

the profiles of the two chassis are quite different. the 101 rails are essenitall box section with arch profiles over the axles so that the load bed is sitting pretty much directly on the rails. Where as a rangie chassis is alot more wobbly up and down.

i believe Landrover did make a few coil sprung chasis ready to take lt77 and 200tdi's, when they offered to refurb the 101 . i think mr wuffles had one. + it was galv


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Thanks chaps, it did seem like a lot to do. I'll consign that idea to the scrapheap.

Now I definately need to get rid of a rolling Disco chassis in the yard before I think of anything else! :blink:

Mecano - I see your not far from ome, I'm in Watford by the hospital.

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The man you need to Malcolm Whitbread, AKA Whitbread offroad, hes done about 5 from memory. Last one was coiler 101 and caged for the ALRC National Comp.....

very different, lots of work, but a very useful motor, and RR axles are well upto the job, unless your doing airbourne jumps etc....

Also a FC 2B or was it an A, thats been shunk onto a 90 chassis and running gear...

Good luck :rolleyes:

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