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Maxtraction Extreme Suspension

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Hi, hoping to build a new truck in a few months and sell my range rover classic. I’ve been looking at the different types of suspension and have just come across the Max traction extreme suspension kit.

Link http://www.maxtraction.co.uk/extremesus.htm

The kit looks pretty good, especially as it claims to give a Land rover defender 750mm of travel under the back wheel without a lift.

‘Land rover 90 you would expect to reach around 750mm under the back wheel without wheel lift’

Just wondered if anyone is using the maxtraction extreme suspension kit on there land rover. If so would you be able to send me some information about it (is it worth the money), how does it handle . I few pictures would also be nice




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What are you planning on fitting it too?

The main advantage of the kit is it uses non dislocating, using very long progressive springs. This gives improved traction in cross axle situations and complies with regualtions for some competitions that don't allow dislocation. The kit was born out of trialing, for trialing.

The main negative I've heard about them is the effect of angling the rear dampers forwards so much. fine for light weight vehicles like trialers that get most of there use off road, but the comments I've heard from people with it on discos and the like is its just too under damped with procomp dampers for a lot of road miles. I have gwyn lewis mounts which also angle the dampers more than standard landrover mounts, though not as much as max traction and they are bad enough on the road with red/white springs. Part of this is damper choice, using dampers with a higher rate will help.

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I had a maxtraction kit on my Def 90. It was fine off road but a little bouncy on tarmac.

It didnt like the weight, roll cage, winch etc etc. When you went over a bump in the road the part of the spring which is normally compressed would open slightly and then make a bit of a thud when the coils closed back up.

Its on my nippers Def 90 now and he is happy with it.

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Thanks for replaying

I am fitting the kit to and 300tdi Defender 90 pick up, with a roll cage and a few other things (jack, est). I will be doing trials and drive arounds with it at the all wheel drive club, when it final finished. I am also hoping to use it as my everyday vehicle, if possible.

Thanks Tom

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