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90 crane attachment !

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the current Mrs W informed me that she had found a new field to put her horses in as the current farmer was being a pain and increasing the rent all the time.

I said I pitied the poor person who was going to take out the 6ft fence posts we put in last summer (about 60 of them) and she just smiled sweetly at me !!!

Aah thought I, this sounds like a job for the winch on my 90, but how to convert its horizontal pull into a vertical one, I fabricated an A frame from two scaffold poles, a crowbar and a towing drop plate.

The crowbar was the largest diameter metal I could get on a Saturday morning before work (B&Q, a tenner) and it was a little loose in the bumper jacking tubes, but did the job, two 7ft scaffold poles and a large 1/2" thick towing drop plate allowed the winch to pull vertically. I put a strap from the rear NATO hook, over the roof to secure the top of the A frame.

The pull would bring the 90 to its front bumpr stops and then the vehicle springs would pull the post out !

60 posts removed , 40 mins !

Took these pictures on phone, you can see the front springs compressed !


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now that is awesome, thats 1 and half posts a minute!!! now thats fast!!

pretty intelligent way of tackling the problem as well.

got any more pictures of how it attached to the front?

and why did the strap not crush your roof?

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I like it, just the job for removing engines, very handy.

Easy to knock up an A frame that quickly mounts to the front bumber, hang a snatch block of it, a couple of 5 ton rachet straps running back to the front corners of the cage, axle stands under the front bumber to limit the suspension compression, and you've got yourself a handy little crane.

But remember lifting is a whole different ball game than winching.

Cheers Dave :D

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post-1003-1202090546_thumb.jpgThe soft top canvas conceals a second roll bar at the back (as per std one) and a NAS style frame to join it to the front roll bar. I would not have considered the over the top strap on a hoop.

Attached winch hook to a chain with hook that goes onto links so makes it as short as needed, two coils of chain around the post, and it tightened on to the post as I winched in.

I would have liked to get a heavy weight to attach around the winch hook so it would pay out without my very fit post removal operative (who goes by the name of Ian) having to put his hand onto the hook and tension it when it was paying out.

I have an HD winch bumper with the two round holes for Hi-lift jacking, I welded a cut up crowbar (biggest diameter decent steel I could get at short notice) at an angle into the bottom of the poles, this gave it a secure fitting into the bumper. As the winch angle would be pulling in same direction, it stayed put.

Whilst I was driving (low box, foot off brake and it went at just right pace) along line of posts, and Ian was working flat out attaching chain and hook then removing from dangling post, and drinking my coffee (it was a tough job but Ian did not want to drive) I did think how nice it would be with hydraulic rams to lift the suspension, but then I came out of my dream and we had almost finished.

I have to do more next week, so will take a better picture in action and from the front.

I would ilke to keep it afterwards, but unless another scaffold pole comes my way, Im intending to make a NATO double tow bar (ie a NATO ring at each end). I have one with 50mm ball at each end and its just fab for towing.

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