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Airflow sensor/meter issue


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Hi all, I've a 97 300TDi Disco which I recently noticed made an couple of metallic tapping/clanking noises every time I turned of the ignition.

I've just changed to a K and N air filter and by accident discovered the noise is coming from the airflow sensor. When turning of the ignition...with a screwdriver holding open the flap, the noise didn't happen.

Looks like the top of the flap in the sensor is banging where it meets against the housing.

Dont think the flap is knackered as their is fairly good resistance in its spring and doesn't wobble side to side so wondering if inside the meter the flap should close against something like a rubber bung which has fallen out?

Haynes manual is useless so hoping any budding Land Rover gurus out their can advise.

PS: would say you get a noticable improvement with the K&N though whistles a little; she sounds more like Knight Rider now!

Cheers, Jason :blink:

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