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Air Con on an old landy

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I have an old 2.5 N/A diesel defender and have thought about fitting air con. can it be done and if so how hard would it be and what would be a rough cost guide

everything can be done it just takes longer and costs more.the question is why you want to and how much cash you have?

the easiest way is to use an independant unit that you see on trucks ,caravans and motor homes etc.they will have waranty and are easy ish to fit

you could fit another landrover set up but this rarely works well

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Wouldn't bother with the normal Land Rover knee cap freezer, fairly useless. The export aircon fitted in the dash would require a lot of work. Whatever you do it won't be cheap plus are you sure you wont completely sap what power there is in a 2.5NA? :lol:

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