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alarm problem

R Bates

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Hi all

My father's got a 1998 1.8 freelander thats developed an alarm problem.

When he locks it the alarm goes off, sometimes it takes 10 minutes before it starts going off and sometimes it takes 5 seconds but it always goes off and its driving him mad! he's resorted to disconecting the battery every time he parks it!

There doesnt seem to be a problem with the central locking all the doors lock and unlock as they should and the imobiliser is working as normal.

The car often spends time parked up during the winter maybe a month at a time with out being moved,

Do freelanders suffer from damp problems with the electrics as it didnt have this problem before it was parked up the last time?

Any help appreciated before he takes a hammer to it!


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Early Freelanders had a problem with moisture ingress into the ultrasonic sensor which caused false alarms. Most should have been picked up by now, the fix was a new sensor which was sealed properly. It's up in the headlining somewhere, I forget exactly where.

Try locking it with the key not the plip, I *think* this should disable the interior sensing which will narrow down the problem.

The best way to check it is to plug into a computer which will tell you the cause of the last few alarm triggers i.e. door switches, bonnet switch, interior sensor, ignition on or whatever, this will narrow down the fault. I'd put money on the interior sensor though.

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