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Warranty renewal

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A friend who is too shy has asked me to post this Q. He has a 2005 110 with 36k on the clock and the warranty is just about to run out. He wonders whether he should renew the warranty and also whether he should get LandRover Assist. The combined package is about £800.

It is used a lot as a work vehicle and he cannot afford to have it out of action much. He also is averse to getting his hands oily and needs it professionally serviced.

Should he go independent LR specialists or stay with renewed LR policy?

Is it worth getting it serviced at a dealer to maintain the warranty? There are currently no outstanding warranty issues.

Any thoughts would be very helpful to him



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This is one you really have to play by ear and go on personal experience of the paticular vehicle under warranty.

I had this same problem 2-years ago when my BMW came out of manufacturers warranty (about £1000) and my wife's Saab is just about to come out (a bargain at £499). In both cases we decided to go it alone and only time will tell if they were wise decissions.

If you listen to a lot of people you would believe that all LR prodicts are totally unreliable and spend more time in the workshop than out of it. Of course there is some truth in this, we all know they have many niggling faults and now and again some quite big ones but it is pretty much the case that as long as it is used, maintained & serviced correctly it will prove to be reliable. It sounds like your friend has a reliable vehicle and there is no reason to assume it is going to suddenly go wrong the moment the warranty expires.

You can get a decent roadside recovery / home start cover from any number of different firms for between £50-£100 and you can carry out a lot of work for the remainder of the £800 asking price (especially if they aren't charging main dealer rates). Remember, this £800 is for the first year after the manufactures warranty has expired and as it gets older (and the likelyhood of work being required) the cost & number of components no-longer covered is likely to increase.

Personally I would be inclined to stick the money in an account labelled 'LandRover Repairs' and put your faith in the vehicle, that is certainly what we have done.

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Simple answer is NO!

Extended warranties are a rip off, and for the record you DO NOT need a LR service history for warranty claims, it can be serviced anywhere as long as they use genuine parts.

Landrover assist is good, if a little slow at sorting recovery, i used it a fair bit with my 90 but then i was snapping shafts abusing her offroad and stuff - they do need to learn tho that when someone says it cant be driven its no good sending a little man in a van when a recovery truck is needed, only to have to wait another 2 hours for one to turn up.

For recovery get RAC/AA/Greenflag rescue cover, as for the warranty, its daylight robbery in my opinion.

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Personally I would be inclined to stick the money in an account labelled 'LandRover Repairs' and put your faith in the vehicle, that is certainly what we have done.

I'd say that wouldn't be a bad idea at all, £800 will go a far way,don. use you main dealer try to find one that know there landrovers inside out thay will be alot cheaper and do as good a job as the landrover main dealer (just make shore thay only use non genuine items on thing that done need to be genuine)


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