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Help with fuel pump adjustments


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I am really struggling with reducing the smoke from my 200tdi disco. I havent driven it at night for months and only noticed it a couple of nights ago after having to take it to work.

I have read the instructions given Here but it doesn't seem to be helping.

My disco has a brunel replacement intercooler and the boost turned up to 1bar.A friend 'turned it up' a few months ago but can't remember how much he moved things and is 300 miles away so can't have a look!

My problem is a grey haze under acceleration at night, you can't see it during the day but cars behind me pick it up in their headlights. It happens under acceleration, using about 1/2 bar of boost so medium acceleration. The only way to stop the smoke is to harldy use the throttle and accelerate very slowly.

I have tried turning the diaphragm anti-clockwise (started a little and ended up 180 degrees!) but it has not made any real difference to smoke or performance.

Next I tried turning the power screw on the back of the pump ant clockwise, whilst this reduced power at higher boost levels the haze did not go.

Can anyone tell me where I have gone wrong and is there a way to sort it?

Many thanks for your help, starting to get very annoyed with it!

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ok i'm ready to be shot down in flames here but......after adjusting this that and the other maybe that isnt the problem..........have you reset everything back to where it was before you started tweaking??...you have......good................now then the problem may lie not with the fueling set up but with the injectors themselves.....have you had them serviced?? or maybe try taking the fuel filter off and filling it up with that deisel engine additive (buggered if i can remember the name at moment) it's also best to do this when you are lowish on fuel in the tank too..........then just chuck the rest of the bottle in the tank and run it for 20 odd miles to get her nice and hot.....this should improve things a touch....but i'd definately have my injectors serviced if i were you

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thanks guys. Unfortunately I don't know what the original settings on the pump were as they were never marked when adjusted. I am in the middle of runing a bottle of redex through the tank and went out last night for an hour getting it very hot but seems to have made no difference...

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Hi. I just joined. but here is somthing that might help. This is a run down on exactly how to sort the fuel pump and the turbo. if you dont want to increase power just skip some bits, I know somewhere there it tells you how to reduce the smoke.

I just tried to upload the file but it wont let me. its a DOC file. message me with your email and I'll send it to you.


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the haze you describe sounds like unburned fuel.

As previously said, the injectors are most likely. They are 2 stage injectors on a 200tdi. It'll be the 2nd stage thats failing.

There are alot of people 'servicing' them, but in truth the 2nd stage is much harder to test, and very rarely is. Best way is to just replace them. I picked some up recently for £35 each new.

Would thnk twice before going for recon for the same reason.

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I have noticed the phenomena you describe now that much of any driving is done at night. i also have the pump turned up. However, at my recent MOT the tester (aware of my changes as IO was prepared to turn the pump back on the spot if necessary) said the emissions were perfect. Very low in fact!. I know when I first did the tweak and towed a 90 to Scotland for the Tay our mates behind said that every time i went up a hill I disappeared in a cloud of black smoke. With this in mind I turned the main cam thingy (under the diaphragm) back by about a 1/4 turn. This apparently cured the smoke problem on the drive home and seems to work for the MOT! Truck does pull very well with 31" tyres so i am more than happy with the set-up. I do wonder if the fact we notice the haze at night is due in part to the hotter than usual exhaust gas condensing in the colder than normal air.

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Mine did this

I fiddled around and it made no difference

then the engine melted a piston

suspected a leaking injector

Oh great! Filled me with confidence!!!

Are 300tdi injectors the same as 200tdi ones? can find 300s but no 200s?

Thanks for all the help. The disco flew through it's emissions, it just annoys me and people following me when a haze pours out the back at night.

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have you thought, that it might have too much turbo boost, this can cause fuel not burn properly and can cause white smoke.

also, under the cover on your fuel pump there is a "smoke screw" ive personally never touched mine, but as its got smoke in its name, it might help :D

ALSO...when you burn fuel, the chemical reaction makes water.... super heated water as it comes out your exhaust, barely noticible in the day time, but at night it will condense fast and you can see it in headlights.

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I think you will find this is normal.

I get a haze at night, but sail through the emissions. I think it is more noticable due to colder air/backlit by headlights.

Exactly the same here. High miles, but new injectors and recon'd IP 2 years ago. My IP is not tweaked.

Smoke in the mornings. None when warm, but I notice it at night sometimes.

Flew through emissions.

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