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Help: Make up Torque for Mainshaft Nuts?


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Hi all,

The Series gearbox rebuild is progressing well.... No, thats probably meant to read : Well, its progressing ! :P

I've replaced all of the bearings and seals, distance sleeve, various gears etc and am in the midst of re-assembly.

On the bits of manual I am using, I don't have the make up torques for the mainshaft nuts (front in bellhousing which is LH and rear in the transfer box) Can anubody help?

I've made up castelated tools to torque them properly as I've seen a piece which suggests that tapping them up with a chisel has a habit of shearing the lock tabs. The tool for the front is a length of stainless tube with castelations filed into one end and a hub nut welded to the other. The hub nut allows me to use a hub spanner with 3/4" drive and adapter back to 1/2" torque wrench - funny looking setup but it should work :blink:

Once this is all buttoned up, its time to wheel the rolling chassis out, to drive the 90 in, to steal its V8 then wheel it out, to drop the engine into the Series.... Then complete the Series before commencing the mondo 4.6 for the 90 :o

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