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Garage winch


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Always wanted one bolted to the back wall of the Garage so I can winch the Landrover (Or engine on a trolley) in and out of the garage.

One trip to Southend Aldi and £40 later.......i had 240v winch :)

Using 5mm steel plate on the back wall as a spreader plate, and the same thickness the other side sandwiched with 4 x M10 bolts, it works well!



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Show off! ;)

Back in my day, well, about 8 years ago, I took an air brick out of the front of my house and put a strop through and around a big bulk of timber to spread the load just so I could hand winch my AEC Matador up my drive. Pulling 7 tons up a slope with a ratchet winch was a pain.

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What sort of lifting capacity do you get for 40 quid RT? I am looking to do the same type of set up in the rafters of my car port to lift the roof tent/roof rack on & off the Disco.

How many feet of cable is on the drum?



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500W Electric Cable Hoist

each £39.99 *


Lift heavy work pieces and materials with greater ease and safety.

Superb quality Electric Hoist with maximum lifting capacity of 250kg

Remote lifting control switch for raising and lowering

Fitted safety lifting brake

Ideal for workshops, garages, maintenance applications and anywhere where controlled lifting and lowering is required

Maximum lifting height: 5 metres at 250kg or 10 metres at 125kg

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